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The No-Bite V™-Suction Catheter Introducer for the Oral Airway

BEST PRACTICE SOLUTION when nasal suctioning is contraindicated! (either Nasopharyngeal or Nasotracheal)

Clinicians sometimes encounter a patient who needs nasal route suctioning but the patient has problems with Nasal Bleeding, Nasal Trauma, Nasal Fractures, Sinus Surgeries, Deviated Septums, MRSA Colonizations in Nares, etc.. The No-Bite V™ serves as a great suctioning alternative to introduce & guide a suction catheter orally instead of nasally.

If a patient has a contraindication to nasal route suctioning (Nasotracheal or Nasopharyngeal), the patient cannot effectively be suctioned in the traditional nasal approach. Inserting a suction catheter orally proves very difficult because many patients bite down, resist the care and push out the catheter with their tongue. If excess secretions & respiratory distress persists, the patient could have to be intubated because they cannot clear their secretions effectively by themselves.

Benefits of The No-Bite V

Improves Patient Outcomes

The No-Bite V™ has been proven to help prevent intubations on patients with nasal suctioning contraindications.

Creates Cost Savings

Cost savings for preventing an average, non-complicated intubation is $29,200 per patient.

Improves Patient Comfort, Family Satisfaction and Quality of Care (HCAHPS Scores)

The No-Bite V™ has proven to be a more comfortable route of suctioning in Hospice & Palliative Care.

The No-Bite V™ serves as a more comfortable suctioning method in Hospice & Palliative Care by avoiding the nasal pain, trauma & bleeding associated with nasal suctioning. Many dying patients with Cancer or other diagnosis have very thin blood and are prone to nasal bleeding and nasal trauma.

Try to Keep your Chronic Aspiration Patients out of the Hospital

(ALS, CF, MND, Stroke, Elderly, MS, MD)

The No-Bite V™ is easy use and many family members can deep suction their own loved ones at home. Patients with chronic aspirations that lead to aspiration pneumonia can now be pharyngeal suctioned with ease, something that couldn't effectively be done before. Traditionally family members use Yankauer suctions which only suctions the mouth. But with the No-Bite V™, one can suction much further into the pharyngeal area where dangerous aspiration pneumonias begin.

Avoid a Sentinel Event

The No-Bite V™ is part of a must have protocol to prevent inadvertent intracranial insertion of nasotracheal suction catheters in Basal Skull Fx. or Transsphenoidal Neuro-Surgery Patients.

Ask your ENT Neuro-Surgeons if they do Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgeries.

Increase in Clinician Productivity

Productivity increases because the clinician will not be wasting time with multiple unsuccessful attempts when a patient has a nasal difficulty or contraindication. With the No-Bite V™ a clinician will avoid coiling of the suction catheter and therefore avoid multiple unsuccessful attempts.

View the published articles section to fully understand the benefits of The No-Bite V™.

How The No-Bite V™ Helps

Learn about The No-Bite V™ (suction catheter introducer) : Best Practice Solution when Nasal Suctioning is Contraindicated, allows you to insert &guide catheter orally. Scored in the Top 5 at the 2013 Technology &Innovation Expo out of 60 companies, judged by 20 clinical teams from...

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Success Stories

...nasopharyngeal suctioning was attempted and unsuccessful due to complete blockage of the nasal passages. The patient was biting on the oral suction tubing. We used the No bite device and successfully and easily cleared her airway...

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