The No-Bite V

1. Shallow Technique – for more awake patients (DO NOT go deep and gag)

If OK'd by your physician, take out pillow and tilt the head back to facilitate opening of the airway. (Patient does not have to be laying flat!) Pre-Load Suction Catheter first and insert No-Bite V™ into the mouth like a tongue depressor. The No-Bite V™ is bite proof material, so if the patient bites down, the product will not break. Insert suction catheter just a few inches past tip of No-Bite V™ and perform Laryngopharyngeal Suctioning.

Refer To In-Service Video To Learn the Hand-On Face Technique

2. Deeper Technique – for more Obtunded Patients or Rapid Responses

Take out pillow and tilt patient's head back if allowed, Pre-Load Suction Catheter into device and hold catheter with pointer finger so catheter doesn't fall out from weight of the tubing, push down on patients chin with your opposite hand to prevent patient from biting down on No-Bite V while you insert the device, depress the tongue and insert the suction catheter into the trachea. Only be in mouth=5 Seconds Max and If patient presents with Hunchback or Slouching Posture, place a rolled up towel behind back, across the shoulder blades.

(This is an advanced technique, where all staff are required to successfully perform a return demonstration of Oral Tracheal Suctioning on Dummy Head)

oral suctioning

No-Bite V™ Specifications

  • BEST PRACTICE SOLUTION when nasal suctioning is Contraindicated
  • Comes Sterile
  • Single Patient Use
  • Suction catheter introducer fits size 18 Fr suction catheter and smaller
  • Allows you to Oral Pharyngeal or Oral Tracheal suction when the nasopharyngeal and nasotracheal suctioning route is contraindicated
  • Eliminates coiling of suction catheters
  • Prevents patients from biting down on your suction catheters
  • Prevents patients from resisting care and pushing out catheter with their tongue
  • Allows you to perform suctioning protocols safely on uncooperative/biting patients
  • Allows for well lit oral assessment on your uncooperative/biting patients
  • Multiple uses with cleaning protocol (water rinse)

Patient Care Areas

  • Medical ICU's
  • Surgical ICU's
  • Neuro-Surgical ICU's
  • Stroke Units
  • Cardiac ICU's
  • Cardio-Thoracic Surgical ICU's
  • Burn ICU's
  • Cancer Units
  • Hospice Centers
  • Home Hospice
  • Head & Neck Injury Units

Patient Population

  • ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • CF Cystic Fibrosis
  • MS Multiple Sclerosis
  • MD Muscular Dystrophy
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • CVA Stroke Patients
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Patients with Severe Weakness
  • Hospice Patients
  • Palliative Care Patients
Learn about The No-Bite V™ (suction catheter introducer) : Best Practice Solution when Nasal Suctioning is Contraindicated, allows you to insert &guide catheter orally. Scored in the Top 5 at the 2013 Technology &Innovation Expo out of 60 companies, judged by 20 clinical teams from...

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Success Stories

...nasopharyngeal suctioning was attempted and unsuccessful due to complete blockage of the nasal passages. The patient was biting on the oral suction tubing. We used the No bite device and successfully and easily cleared her airway...

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